You did it! You said “yes”, “oui”, “a thousand times yes”– whichever words came first between happiness and tears of joy – you’re engaged! The moment you dreamt about since you were a little girl; a candlelit dinner, in front of friends and family, or maybe you were appropriately proposed to with a blue Manolo Blahnik pump (might we add, shoe proposals have since rocketed). You’re getting married! Now, it’s time to start planning for your wedding. Cue the pre-wedding jitters.

As you slowly make your way down the list checking off wedding vendors, you will have to start thinking about your theme and décor. When it comes to wedding décor, flowers do tend to take the leading role – imagine a grand entrance of Ecuadorian roses lining the ceremony aisle, rustic centerpieces or elegant trumpet vases with lush foliage and exotic blooms. The options are endless. Most wedding planning sources say to start searching for a florist around 9-6 months before your wedding date. However, if it’s your first time getting married, you probably have no idea what to expect or what to ask for (What is a chuppah? And who wears a corsage?). We’ve made it easy; look below for questions to ask yourself when choosing your flowers.

  1. Are they communicative? 

    We live in a service-based economy; this means, customer service and communication comes a long way. How many times have you been deterred from working with someone because of their latent response rate or lack of thereof? Just as in any industry, you should look for a florist who is a prompt communicator and most importantly, is aware of your requests and preferred tastes. This way, you wont run into any trouble co-ordinating with them, or having them co-ordinate with your vendors. For example, if you’re using a wedding planner, your florist must be able to communicate with them and plan synonymously between décor and floral. Most importantly, your florist must align with you and your expectations for the final product. Dealing with someone who is a poor communicator will undoubtfully impact the overall presentation.
  2. Are they willing to meet your expectations?
    This brings us to the next point, is your florist flexible and willing to align with you on your expectations? Do they push their style and aesthetic on you, or are they open to your ideas? After all, it is your wedding day. While choosing a florist whose taste you respect, it is important that the same is granted to you.
  3. Event designer or florist?
    Some florists incorporate wedding décor and planning as part of their service and can help achieve the overall presentation of the wedding – from candles, to chargers, to aisle runners. Other florists dabble in flowers, and flowers only. It is important to think about the type of service you need. Are you looking to work with a wedding planner or help with sourcing the décor yourself? Then, just a regular florist is all you need. If you do, however, require someone who will make your arrangements, in addition to help you design the rest of the wedding, including renting or buying vases, votives, altar stands etc., it helps to go with a floral designer who offers this service to their clients.
  4. Are they capable?
    It might help if you have a general idea about your expectations, too. Are you a minimalist or are you looking for a grand, Gatsby inspired wedding? Make sure your tastes align with your florists’, as well as their capabilities. Explain your vision to the florist, and remember, pictures are more telling than words! Bring any inspiration; pinterest, magazine clippings etc. to your consultation so you can get an accurate idea of what to expect, and if your florist can make it happen – more importantly – within your budget.
  5. Are they willing to work within your budget?
    After the initial contact or consultation, you will receive a proposal or quote from your florist. It really helps if you let your florist know your budget before they draft up a quote. However, chances are, you will change your mind many times before coming to a decision and signing the agreement. In some cases, you might have to adjust your budget – believe it or not, many brides have false expectations of what to expect price range, and all florists cater to different clientele and have different business models! It is, however, important, that the florist you decide to go with makes you feel comfortable with your budget and can achieve what you’re asking for within this budget.

When thinking about wedding décor, flowers have many times stolen the show. They are expected to set the mood and compliment your wedding colors and theme. It’s safe to say that arming yourself with the right florist will come a long way on your wedding day. It is important to find someone who is communicative, reliable, capable and within your budget. Here at Dereves Floral, we are all of those things, and more. Say hello or schedule a consultation with one of your lead designers today!

The love of your life got down on one knee, pulled out a dark squared box (which might I add, has been burning a hole in his suit pocket for over an hour now) shakily took your hand in his and uttered the four magic words, “will you marry me?”.

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