The tradition of carrying a bridal bouquet dates as far back as Ancient Rome, formally consisting of herb bunches. The bride carried these to symbolize fertility and fidelity, but lets be honest; they were probably used to mask unpleasant smells (even historians claim perfumes were dabbed on instead of bathing, back then). The bouquet evolved to include hand-tied flowers – cue the 14th century in Netherlands, as Dutch upper-class women carried them through the streets to also mask… forgetting to bathe. Today, as times have evolved (and so have hygiene etiquettes) the bridal bouquet symbolizes purity and romance and is a staple in every bride’s itinerary. Their delicate smell probably doesn’t hurt either!
Their role is not only just as important as the wedding dress, but also shapes your look and can be a focal point in your wedding photos. How to choose a beautiful bouquet, you may ask? While pointing to gorgeous colors that catch your eye on Pinterest is a good way to give guidance to your florist, here are some things to look out for when choosing a bouquet.

Picking the right bouquet shape is a personal choice. For example, some brides prefer the grandiose of a cascading bouquet, to some, it may overpower their dress, the venue, their body size or even personality! A scaled down bouquet (commonly called a nosegay or a posy) might be more proportional, or maybe you like the effortless nature of a hand-tied bouquet, which sometimes cascades and sprawls out horizontally.

Take a moment to take into consideration your gown, for example. If your bouquet is too small, it may get lost in a sea of fabric. The same goes if you have a smaller or larger figure! If your gown has a lot of details (gold accents, crystals, bows etc.) you may also want to opt for a smaller bouquet, so it doesn’t take away from the garment. Think about weight and practicality as well.

If your ceremony (where you will carry your bouquet most of the time) is held in a grand, elegant establishment, lean more towards larger, but round and classic bouquets. Lofts, or smaller chic venues might get away with a smaller, but more dramatic bouquets (think greens only, bird of paradise, etc.). Getting married alongside mother nature? Don’t try competing, but rather, let nature be your guide and choose something that compliments your surroundings.

All in all, it depends on your personal taste and whatever you think suits you. Try imagining what your wedding day photos will look like as well, because after the night is said and done, you’ll be left in the euphoria and (hopefully) haze of a good party (I mean, those champagne toasts really add up, don’t they?). You’ll remember your special day through pictures for years to come, and your bouquet should be one to compliment!

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